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Vanguard Alta Sky 45D


Vanguard alta sky 45d camera bag review

So, after receiving my Alta Sky, I was thoroughly excited. From the first look of it I was impressed - the material and the build makes it feel like its an indestructible tank of a camera bag. I was a little worried that it would look super huge on me, as all my other camera bags are alot smaller than this one. Once a tried it on, it wasn't too bad at all, and considering the amount that this bag can carry it was a really good size! The one thing that impressed me was the amount of pockets that the Alta had - it has millions... well not millions, but more than enough, as well as all of the larger zipped access compartments for camera gear. I love pockets because I like to stash random things in my camera bags in case of an emergency - like torches and yummy treats, so this bag has a big thumbs up from me on that front! 

Vanguard alta sky 45d camera bag review

I could fit so much into this camera bag. My wallet, phone, tablet, DSLR camera with Tokina wide angle lens attached, my Tamron 24-70 lens my Nikon 50mm lens and my massive Nikon zoom lens, as well as my Fuji X100S, an SJCam action camera and a few extra little bits and pieces. It also has an outer flip down hatch on the front which can be used as a tripod holder but I prefer to keep this up and put my tripod in there horizontally.

This bag has oodles of room, and so many different ways to store and access your camera gear. All of the padded inserts are removable making this bag customisable to your needs, which is a fantastic touch! As for the access; there are  top, side, back and bottom access points. I have always been a lover of the side access so I stuck with that for my dslr, the top access I positioned the insert to make it into a storage area for my phone and wallet and the bottom access point I used to store my 35mm csc camera, flash, action camera  and my zoom lens.

Vanguard alta sky 45d camera bag review
Vanguard alta sky 45d camera bag review

So, with all this gear in the bag making it super heavy, how was it for comfort? Well, actually pretty comfortable; the bag has exceptionally well designed padded straps and back to help with the weight of a large amount of camera gear. Im not going to lie, I was a little bit stiff after the first test run carrying  about 6kg of gear on my back for 5 1/2 miles, but that is due to me either being a lazy weakling, or because I usually only pack light when when going on a photography adventure.... (to be honest its because I am a weaking) but after a few more excursions it got a lot easier as I got used to the extra weight, and the padded straps and back really helped with carrying the heavy load.

Vanguard alta sky 45d camera bag review

This bag fits everything you could possibly need in it. It is a bag that is fantastic for exploration and adventure as well as photo shoots that need a lot of equipment to help you get that perfect shot. The padding gives you the reassurance that your gear is safe and the interchangeable layout means that it can suit your needs for different occasions. 


Although it was quite heavy to haul about, this was due to me packing a shop full of gear in there and not the fault of the bag, which is surprisingly quite light for its size and build.

​I really love using this camera bag; it's a beautiful piece of kit and was a great experience to use out and about so far in the U.K. The amount you can fit in this bag is impressive and the way versatility means you can pack your gear the way you feel most comfortable.

​Overall I really enjoyed using the Alta Sky 45, which usually isn't the case with me and large camera bags- but the comfort, maneuverability and design has made this a really good choice for my adventures.

Below are the key features of the Alta Sky 45 if you prefer a nice bullet point list to help you decide if it's the right bag for you :

Key Features:

  • Ultimate versatility - 100% gear to 100% personal and anywhere in between

  • ‘Never-tire’ carrying experience - ergonomic Air System back, harness & waist belt

  • Multi-access quick-action - full rear opening, side and top access

  • Drone action - external drone flap connection

  • Safety first - double security buckles

  • No fumbling - bright colored interior makes finding things easy

  • Clutter free - stowable connector straps

  • Well organized – numerous dedicated pockets, organizers and connectors for all essentials

  • Stay hydrated - large water bottle side pockets

  • Keep rocking - headset port to extend cable from internal smartphone pocket

  • Business oriented - holds a 13" laptop and/or tablet

  • Stay steady - optimal balance tripod carrying system

  • ALTA LINK - Alta Action Tripod Bag connection for ultimate Vanguard ALTA EXPERIENCE

  • Keep dry - total coverage rain cover





If you want the bag, here are some links to places where you can find the Vanguard Havana series (in either tan or or dark blue) and also look at independent reviews from other people.

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Wex photographic also supply a selection of Vanguard Bags

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