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Vanguard VE02 235AB Tripod


Vanguard VE02 235AB tripod

Tripods are pretty important to me. I don't use them as often as I should do to be honest, but because I am a photographer with an essential tremor, they are sort of needed sometimes. I say I don't use them often, because all of the ones I have had before were pretty cheap and useless (I am a starving artist basically so I can't afford to travel, buy decent lenses AND a tripod as well). Vanguard were kind enough to let me do a review on the VEO2 235AB tripod which I took on a few U.K excursions and on a trip to Norway, which was nice of them.

From opening the box (I was excited like I was 5 years old and it was Christmas day). I just loved the feel of this tripod; It is very tactile and I knew just from the feel that it was going to be a really nice piece of kit to use on my adventures.

This tripod is easily portable and super lightweight, as it is made from Magnesium Aircraft Aluminum alloy, which perfect for my travel adventures as it is light weight and very robust. It weighs only 1.4 kg (3.1lbs) and can be extended up to 145 cms (57.1 inches), which is more than a good enough height for me. The legs are amazing as they can all be placed at different angles which is great for uneven terrain as you can see by some of my images below. The legs also have a twist locking feature for extremely fast  position setting and they are really sturdy too! 

Vanguard VE02 235AB tripod
Vanguard VEO2 tripod
Vanguard VEO2 tripod
Vanguard VE02 235AB tripod review
Vanguard VE02 235AB tripod at Ingleton Falls - Review

I did a little pre-test of the tripod and visited Ingleton Falls in Yorkshire to get some long exposure shots. The tripod comes with a tripod bag so you can either carry it like that, in your hand, or attached to a bag if your bag has the option to do so. It wasn't too heavy or cumbersome as it folds down quite small, so the 5 1/2 mile hike wasn't too much of a killer with all my gear with me. The quick release is a godsend too as sometimes on other tripods they either don't have them or they aren't as quick release is you would like them to be - so it made the hike alot easier to separate the tripod and the camera.

I got some pretty good shots from the use of this tripod (see pics below). it was sturdy, solid and was great on some of the uneven surfaces I went on to get these long exposure shots. 

Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Ingleton Falls - Review
Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Ingleton Falls - Review

I also took the tripod with me on a travel adventure to Norway, where I would be visiting Oslo and Bergen. Oslo is mostly all built up, but if you travel further out on the Metro, you can find the peaceful area of Sognsvann Lake. It isn't really a tourist spot - more of a local place to relax and walk or run around. When I arrived there, the weather changed at it become ever increasingly misty and cold. but there was no wind which made the long exposure shots of the lake slightly easier. I have never taken long exposure shots of still water before (to get that glass like reflection) so its still a bit hit and miss for me, but that's half the fun of being a photographer. 

Once again, the tripod held up well on the uneven terrain at the lake, as you can see by the picture below I placed it at the edge of the lake where it was quite sandy. I also placed it on other stupidly uneven surfaces like a grass verge near enough to the lake where I would cry if it tipped and fell..... but it didn't, and I didn't have to cry!

Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Sognsvann Lake Norway - Review
Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Sognsvann Lake Norway - Review

I also used the tripod for some sturdy shots whist at Bergen, a pretty little town on the west coast of Norway. The town is most famous for its wooden building structures on the dock, it is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the Vågen harbour in Bergen, Norway. As I said, I am still practicing the long exposure technique with water, so this one didn't turn out as good - and I was in a rush as I had to catch the train back to Olso later that day.

Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Bergen Norway - Review
Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Bergen Norway - Review

The ball head is really good on this tripod, it moves easily and smoothly when needed and holds firm when tightened. It does take a bit of practice knowing what knobs loosen and tighten what, but you soon get the hang of it. As you can see from the image above, the ground wasn't even so the ball head really helped straighten the image up. 


The tripod also has a nifty little swivel 360 gizmo that is great for panning around to find a good frame to capture, or for panoramas or filming, without having to move the tripod at all.

For the short time I have used this tripod, I do really, really like it. It is compact, lightweight and has some amazing functions that help get some good shots and compositions when sturdiness is needed - either for low light conditions or long exposures.... or even a sneaky long exposure selfie (see image below). For the price its is a must have piece of kit for any photographer on a budget who can't afford the extortionate prices of pro tripods.....oh and its really sleek and good looking too.

Vanguard VEO2 tripod at Oslo Norway - Review

Below are the tech specs for the VEO2 235AB tripod if you prefer a nice bullet point list to help you decide if it's the tripod for you :

  • MATERIAL - Aluminum

  • WARRANTY - 2 Years


  • WEIGHT (LB) - 3.1

  • WEIGHT (KG) - 1.40


  • FOLDED LENGTH (MM) - 400




  • LEG ANGLES - 3

  • LEG LOCK - Twist Lock

  • HEAD SPECS - BH-50

  • HEAD BASE ATTACHMENT - 3/8 and 1/4



  • SWIVEL 360° - Yes




  • COLOR - Grey






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